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John Tulloch Ltd, a newly established company, with a positive aim in providing a fresh service, innovative solutions and the ongoing ambition of becoming a key service provider within the construction field.

The company was founded by John Tulloch in 2010 in the midst of the global financial crisis, recognizing that the role of cost management was of increasing importance. As a small consultancy we are able to provide a personal, highly qualified service delivering value through the application of knowledge, skills and technology.

By means of qualified and administrative staff, we aim to continually provide a professional service supported by our internal quality assurance procedures.  Our conjoined ethos of providing an inspirational working environment is actively aimed at developing creative and pro-active solutions.

In keeping with our fresh outlook, we aim not only to continually strive in providing an added value service, but welcome alternative construction techniques and a changing market place.

As well as extensive knowledge of 20th Century building techniques, we have a coordinated understanding of environmental concerns and the growing trend toward green building. We possess educated and experienced staff, accomplished in accurately dealing with and understanding current environmental aspects of construction. We have furthered this knowledge and understanding by actively becoming involved in the ‘hands on’ construction of cutting edge environmental projects. Very few others can demonstrate this commitment.

Our values are well balanced and include: integrity, service, responsibility, accuracy, respect, dedication, diversity, improvement, credibility, honesty, innovativeness, excellence, accountability, quality, persistence, dependability and environmental responsibility.

We aspire to develop and grow as the market dictates, dispensing a functional service to meet the needs of diverse clients.  Our logo is a visual representation of our ongoing vision, encompassing environmental awareness, vitality, growth and development.

“It is widely recognized, that our existing and new building stock is for many an investment for many decades, and probably centuries to come. It is important that best value is achieved during the construction of a project, and that conflict and confrontation, are pro-actively managed. The importance to secure cost certainty cannot for many clients be underestimated along with the growing public trend toward sustainability.”
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